Leasing Questions – Prospective Tenants

Q. When is the best time to look for apartments with Jerome H. Meyer & Co.?

A. We begin showing our apartments 60 days before the current Lease is to expire.

Q. Does Jerome H. Meyer & Co. cooperate with apartment brokers or finder’s agents?

A. Yes. Our Leasing Department will cooperate with any apartment broker or finder’s agent acting on behalf of a tenant, but we cannot offer him or her a commission. In special circumstances we sometimes hire apartment brokers to market our apartments.

Q. How can I see an apartment I found on the Jerome H. Meyer & Co. website that I am interested in?

A. If you are interested in seeing an apartment listed here, please call our Leasing Department at 312/944-2700 x270 or x260 to find out when the apartment will be shown and to schedule an appointment.

Q. Do I need to see an apartment before I can apply for it?

A. Yes. We do not rent apartments site unseen because we wish to avoid the remote possibility that you will not like the apartment once you have signed the Lease and paid rent for the apartment. This way, you will know what you are getting when you sign the Lease, and you avoid being financially responsible for an apartment you may not like.

Q. How do I apply for an apartment?

A. In order to apply for an apartment, you must submit to our office, either in person or online:

  • A) First month’s rent paid via Appfolio or in the form of a cashier’s check, certified check or money order
  • B) completed and signed Applications for Lease and $75.00 nonrefundable application fees for each person who will be on the Lease
  • C) current legal photo identification. Please note that we cannot take an apartment “off the market” until we receive the first month’s rent and at least one completed and signed Application for Lease and application fee.
Q. What factors are considered in approving my apartment application?

A. Jerome H. Meyer & Co. is an equal opportunity Landlord and does not discriminate against any class protected by law. Applications for Leases are approved or declined based upon an applicant’s income, credit profile, employment history, and former landlord references.

Q. What is a Guarantor?

A. A Guarantor, or cosigner, is a person who guarantees your performance of the covenants in the Lease, such as paying rent. If you are in default under the Lease, you and your Guarantor will be held financially responsible.

Q. What information may I be asked to provide in order to verify my income?

A. You will be asked to provide one of the following forms of income verification:

a) no less than two of your most recent pay stubs
b) a copy of your most recent IRS Form W-2
c) a copy of your most recent IRS Form 1040
d) a signed letter from your C.P.A. on letterhead
e) a signed letter from your Trustee, if you are the beneficiary of a Trust

Q. What pets can I have in my apartment?

A. Cats are welcome at all of our buildings, and dogs are allowed at some buildings, subject to weight limits.

Q. My Application for Lease has been approved. Now what?

A. Once your application has been approved by our office, you will be sent a Lease Packet which will contain all paperwork to be signed, as well as any information you will need for your move-in. Please read your entire Lease Packet carefully, since many of our Tenants’ most common questions are answered here. You will need to return to our office all copies of your signed paperwork before you can move into your new apartment.

Q. How do I pick up keys to my apartment?

A. Please contact your building’s engineer in advance, at the phone number provided in the Welcome Letter that came with your Lease Packet, to arrange an appointment to pick up keys.