Leasing Questions – Current Tenants

Q. Where do I send my monthly rent?

A. Pay via Appfolio or send to Jerome H. Meyer & Co. at the P.O. Box which corresponds to your building. Please refer to the “Welcome to Your New Home” letter you received with your Lease Packet for the correct mailing address.

Q. How can I get a parking spot?

A. Please call the Leasing Department at 312/944-2700 x260 or x270 to check availability.

Q. Why is renter’s insurance required under my Lease?

A. Our building insurance does not cover, and we cannot be responsible for: A) damage to any of your personal property in your apartment regardless of the cause, or B) any injuries occurring in your apartment to you or your guests which are caused by your negligence. For this reason, you are required under the Lease to purchase a renter’s (personal property and general liability) insurance policy, and we also ask that you provide us with a copy of the policy.

Q. How do I renew my Lease?

A. Provided your account is in good standing, you will be offered a Lease Extension Agreement in duplicate, approximately 90 days before the end of your Lease.

Q. How do I switch, add, or delete room mates?

A. To add or remove someone from your Lease, your rental payments must be up to date; the new prospective tenant must complete and submit an “Application for Apartment” form along with a non-refundable $75.00 processing fee; your existing lease must be canceled; and a new lease for your apartment must be created bearing the names of the new room mates, rent is subject to increase. However, if you wish to add a room mate but not add his or her name to the Lease, he or she should fill out an “Occupant Only” application. Please call the Leasing Department at 312/944-2700 x260 or x270.

Q. Can I switch from my current Jerome H. Meyer & Co. apartment to another?

A. Please notify our Leasing Department at 312/944-2700 x260 or 270 if you wish to move to another of our apartments at the end of your Lease. Our Leasing staff will explain what your next steps should be.

Q. How do I get out of my Lease before its natural expiration date?

A. Please view our tenant Re-Let page.

Q. What will happen if I do not move out of my apartment until after my Lease ends?

A. If you do not move out of your apartment by the expiration date, you will be in violation of your Lease and considered a holdover Tenant. You will be liable for rent at the rate of 200% of the rent you were paying under your old Lease. In addition, you will be liable to us for any monetary damages we incur by your failure to move out of the apartment by the expiration date.