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  • 525 W. Deming, Apt. 310, 327 (1 bdrms)
  • 525 W. Deming, Apt. 417 (2 bdrm)
  • 2530 N. Clark, Apt. 204 ( 3 bdrm)
  • 2863 N. Clark, Apt. 2 ( 3 bdrms)

  • 50 E. Chicago, Apts. 2E, 3E ( 3 bdrms)


  • 421 W. Barry, Apts.  303 (1 bdrm)
  • 431 W. Barry, Apt. 121 (0 bdrm)
  • 431 W. Barry, Apts. 224, 326 (1 bdrms)
  • 3452 N. Elaine, Apt. 2 (2 bdrm)
  • 3456 N. Elaine, Apt. Garden (2 bdrm)


  • 42 E. Chicago, Apt. 2W ( 1 bdrm)


  • 525 W. Deming, Apt. 520 (1 bdrm)
  • 421 W. Barry, Apt. 414 (0 bdrm)
  • 431 W. Barry, Apts. 425, 529 (1 bdrm)

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How To Apply

The Leasing Department is available to assist you with your apartment search and will handle all the paperwork necessary for your new home.  Before, during and after your tenancy with us, the Leasing Department will be an important point of contact with Jerome H. Meyer & Co.  Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for any Leasing-related information you may need.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at 312/944-2700.

Application Instructions:

After choosing an apartment that suits your needs, please submit an electronic application or print out and complete a downloadable application and submit it to our office via fax to 312/944-5376 or in person at 640 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 605.


Your application must be accompanied by the following:

     A) First month's rent in the form of a Cashier's Check, Money Order or Certified Check. 

         A personal check will not be accepted. You can also pay electronically through PayLease.

     B) A $75.00 non-refundable application fee (per person). This is required for both tenant applicants and, when necessary, guarantors/co-signers submitting an application.  A personal check or cash is fine.  

         You can also pay the $75.00 fee through PayLease, however:


To pay the application fee through PayLease you must select the following separate payment option:









     C) Current legal photo identification. 

     D) The Potential Tenant's two (2) most recent pay stubs, or a letter from their employer confirming their annual income.  If a co-signer/guarantor application is being submitted, we will require the same income verification information from them as well.

Please note that we cannot take an apartment "off the market" until we receive the first month's rent and at least one completed and signed Application for Lease and application fee. Please call our Leasing Department if you have any questions: 312/944-2700 x260 or x270.

To download and print the PDF file for our Application for Apartment Lease, please click on the link below. In order to view and print the Application, you will need Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or later installed on your computer.


If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, please click here to get it.





Download Application for Apartment Lease (PDF format, size: 338 Kb)

Download Co-signer/Guarantor Application (PDF format, size: 82 Kb)

Download Occupant Only Application (PDF format, size: 13 Kb)





Application for Apartment Lease: Click Here to Apply Electronically


Co-signor/Guarantor Application: Click Here to Apply Electronically


Occupant Only Application: Click Here to Apply Electronically 


** If you apply electronically or submit a downloadable application by fax, Click Here to pay First Month's Rent through PayLease